Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 11.12.23 PMDrafting and Design I: Grades 9-12 – 0.5 Credit (611)
Students in Drafting and Design I develop their ability to design, produce, and understand drawings. A variety of techniques are used to complete drawings including; sketching, hand drafting, and computer aided drafting. Students also complete several design projects including the design of a miniature golf course or board game on the computer and the design/construction of a penny lift or marble roller. Students will be exposed to many related career areas including; drafting, architecture, engineering, interior design, commercial art, technical illustration, computer graphics, animation and more. Students interested in computers are encouraged to consider this course.

Drafting and Design II: 1 Credit (612)
Prerequisite: Drafting & Design I or Introduction to Engineering and Design
This course builds on the basic concepts and skills developed in Drafting and Design I. All areas are received with special emphasis placed on computer aided drafting with AutoCAD. Students will complete several design projects that further develop skills learned in Drafting and Design I.

Drafting and Design III: 1 Credit (613)
Prerequisite: Drafting & Design II or Introduction to Engineering and Design
Students in Drafting and Design III focus on two major areas of study, engineering design and computer aided drafting. The engineering design process is used to develop projects from the brainstorming/sketching stage to the prototyping stage. Some prototypes will be produced using our computerized laser cutter and our 3D printer. Engineering Design Problems such as the TSA Technology Challenge and the Dimension Extreme Redesign Competition are also developed. An in depth knowledge of Autodesk Inventor will be gained through the production of working drawings.

Drafting and Design IV: 1 credit (619)
Prerequisite: Drafting & Design III
Drafting and Design IV is a course for students interested in pursuing engineering or any other mechanically oriented career. Students with an interest in advanced computer applications would also find this class beneficial. Students will pursue specific areas of interest to complete individualized projects.