TV Wooden CameraIntroduction to Photography is a 1 semester course that introduces students to dozens of general of photography. In this course student will complete hands on exercises to establish an improve their skills as a photographer. Students will learn to manipulate their photographs in Adobe Photoshop, to correct, enhance, and create unique inventive photography.

Advanced Photography is 2 semester course that builds on and applies knowledge discovered in the introductory course in photojournalistic fashion. Students learn the fundamentals of Content Management software (CMS), specifially Wordpress, as they journal their photography as an editor of the, Twin Valley’s own blog dedicated to all things photography.

Introduction to Traditional and Digital Photography: Grades 9-12 – 0.5 credit (642)
Recommendation: Student should have access to a 35mm camera and a digital camera.
This course is designed to expand skill growth through project development in visual media. Traditional black and white photography, 35mm SLR skills, darkroom procedures and print development will be covered. Digital photography will also be utilized for project development. The use of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and the iLife suite of products will be introduced. A materials fee may be assessed for this class.

Advanced Traditional and Digital Photography: Grades 9-12 – 1.0 credit (645)
Prerequisite: Intro to Traditional & Digital Photography, or Concurrently Enrolled in AP Studio Art
This course will build on the composition skills previously learned and introduce new techniques to document or create each student’s photographic vision of the world. Students will learn how to use advanced camera settings on both film and digital cameras. On the film side, various printing techniques will be used in the darkroom. On the digital side, both in-camera and in-computer processing techniques will be studied. We will print to various media from iMac computers. A materials fee will be assessed for this class.